I like melons

Hi, I'm Elise!

🎵 I am a cat lover and I love to run 🎵

I work professionally as a 3D artist in the video game industry, and in my off time I moonlight as an amateur wildlife photographer and pretend like I draw sometimes. This site is a space for me to display all the art I make in fleeting that previously would simply disappear into the boundless void of the internet. You can find me elsewhere at spacey3d on some platforms with varying degrees of activity.

In addition to melons and cats, I like loud karaoke, garlic, Christmas aesthetics, finding insects but only outside my home, learning Welsh regardless of practicality, and running excessive distances extremely slowly.

If you'd like to buy any prints of my photography, you can find my storefront at Inprnt!

Contact me at elisebeverett@gmail.com or find me at @spacey3d on ArtStation and Instragram